The following clniical electives are available to foreign exchange students at the National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH). Foreign exchange students may choose to stay at NTUH for a maximum of 14 weeks. Duration of clinical rotations in each specialty are listed below, 2 weeks minimun for each course:

Internal medicine
Gynecology and obstetrics
Emergency medicine
Neurology              Otorhinolaryngology
Urology                  Family medicine
Surgery                  Oncology
Radiology (Medical imaging and nuclear medicine)

Ophthalmology (only accept 2 wks)

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (only accept 3 wks)


(courses not avaliable during summer and winter vacation)

Emergency medicine

Gynecology and obstetrics




(courses not avaliable for students who can not speak Chinese)

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Emergency medicine

In the application form, please list the desired course(s) and alternative(s) in case chosen rotation(s) is (are) not available during your exchange period. Exchange students may also specify the subspecialties of interest (not listed above); we will do our best to accommodate.

Please note that once accepted, clinical rotations can not be altered. If changes are to be made, an official letter from the applicant's department head will be required explaining the reason for the change in courses, along with a 75 USD processing fee.

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