The School of Medicine offers a 7-year medical program leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine. The 7-year medical education at this College includes 2-year premedical courses, 2-year basic medicine, 2-year clinical medicine, and 1-year rotating internship training at the University Hospital, which is a requirement before graduation for all medical students here. The Two-step Clinical learning program started in 1998, including 6 years of undergraduate medical program and 2 years of Primary Care Training program after graduation.
The college enrolls 128 medical students each year. Among them, 97 are enrolled through National College University Entrance Examination (NCUEE), 18 through recommendation and application and 13 through oversea Chinese College Entrance Examination. There are 14 government funded student with some service obligation after graduation in the NCUEE group.
The goal of the medical program of the School is the making of a competent clinical scholar, who is not only a medical doctor, but also a scientist and an educator.
The School’s alumni are now all over medical centers in Taiwan and in the other parts of the world, and many of them have won important awards and become leading scholars in their fields. Based on the continued efforts of the students, faculty, and alumni from the past century, we are pleasantly and confidently looking forward to an even more glorious future of the School in the coming millennium.

[Careers and Further]

  1. Professional abilities: Research in basic medical science; Research in life science; Primary health care.
  2. Further studies: Graduate institute of basic science research; Graduate institute of clinical science research; Graduate institute of public health and hospital management; Graduate institute of medical engineering; Graduate institute of medical informatics; Graduate institute of life science; M.D.-Ph.D. program.
  3. Career options: Being physicians, professors, or administrative officers in national health system; service in biomedical research institutes or pharmaceutical companies.

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